[Part I of the 'trilogy of blood']

"Descending from the Heavens, cloaked in Armour shining bright
The grim foretold Messiah, wielder of the Power and Might
The Punisher, the Oath-sworn King, the breaker of the Spell
The one to crush the Tyranny and send him back to Hell! "
[The emperor:]
"I am the one, the Son of the Sun
Creator of Light where the Darkness prevails
Come True Ones, let Justice be done!
We'll banish the Darkness for he's bound to fail! "
("The Choir of the Chosen enshrouds me in Glory Immortal !")
[The army of A'ryth-Ra:]
([The emperor:] "The Voice of the Goddess flows through me !")
"From now on call thee Emperor!
Scion of the Gods!
Gather the Chosen Ones there...
(Now swear) the oath of blood!
Lead them to Glory forever, Wielder of the Sword! "
[The army of A'ryth-Ra:]
"(We're) Building a Kingdom of Metal
All sworn by the oath of blood! "
[The emperor:]
"Fight for your lives! Be strong and survive!
The ending of Terror, his time is at hand
The Night will die and our Light will shine...
The coming of Judgement, the Tyranny's end... "
"From now on call me Emperor!
(I am the) Scion of the Gods!
(I've) Gathered the Chosen Ones here...
(We are bound - in Life and Death - by) the oath of blood!
I'll lead 'em to Glory forever! (I am the) Wielder of the Sword! "
"(We're) Building a Kingdom of Metal
All sworn by the oath of blood! "
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The Oath Of Blood Lyrics

Sacred Steel – The Oath Of Blood Lyrics