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Lust For Blood Lyrics

Sacred Steel – Lust For Blood Lyrics

[Part iii of the 'trilogy of blood']

([The emperor:] "The world still lies peaceful, not aware of the unparalleled Slaughter that soon will take place and stain this ground bloodred. Now, by the first light of the Mothersun our Legion is marching 'neath the Banner of the Bloodstained Sword to finally meet the armies of the Tyrant King upon the field of War. Ahead of the Traitor's army I see their Chief-Shaman wielding the severed head of my beloved Queen... mad BLOODLUST takes over my each and every nerve ! Ferocious I plunge headlong into the charge !... SLAUGHTER !!!")
(In the midst of the fray. On the day of the Final Bloodshed)
"All I see a world of red, of Blood before my eyes!
One more thrust, one more blow decides who's doomed to die!
Axes grinding through their rows, black Swords kiss their flesh...
Their Shield-Wall breaks and we rush forward into the next Attack. "
(And the Blood of slain foes falls like rain from the Skies!)
"More heads crushed to gore! (To avenge the Fall of mighty K'ur!)
More Souls ripped and torn! (My Hate Divine shall crush the Heathen Spawn!)
Dismembered, hacked to shreds!
I won't stop 'til you're dead!!! "
[The War-Song of the Raving Warlord:]
"lust for blood!
Anger turned to Hate to Power! (I thrive on the Blood-Bath!)
Lust for blood!
(Your) Hearts and Souls I shall devour! (A sacrificial offering to the Gods!)
Lust for blood!
(I) Face the Fate the Black Gods have wrought (I am havoc and destruction!!!!)
Lust for blood!
In Battlerage and bloodlust I am God! "
("I hack my way through the gore to find the Demon-Lord !")
"Entrails pouring through his hands, he can't believe his eyes (I gouge 'em out with joy!)
No time for Mercy, slow his Death, in Agony he cries...
I'm high on Blood! I'm fighting hard, my trail a Way of Wrath
My Warriors scream the old Warcry... It's victory or death! "
("Knee-deep in the guts of the castrated Usurper I laugh and scream !")
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