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Bradley Beal Freestyle Lyrics

Ryan Trey – Bradley Beal Freestyle Lyrics

I'm coming hot from DC but, STL I reside
So please my man step aside
You now rocking with the coldest motherfucker at eighteen
But I could give you ninety nine reasons to hate me lil nigga
No Jay Z my nigga but I rock a fella
Ever disrespect my fella's I'ma make it rain shots
So you gon need a umbrella for all this shit I'm coming with
And all you looking up just know that I'm the one yall under bitch
Coz I run that, some shit that yall working on for years
I done that
Like how am I the coldest youngest nigga without ice
And without the daily flex on instagram without hype
Coz without flaunting the cash y'all ain't shit
Well I see you as a bitch
And I ain't no where near rich
But I could smell a piss poor motherfucker from six blocks down including his bitch
I guess even if you're a tool there's just some shit you can't fix
But it's cool don't wanna see us black just die over diamonds
Your mind stuck on the ring but don't get KO when life hits
And when your taxes come don't you go ask where your ice went
And why your car has gone but I can tell where your wife went like
I wish that it could all be so simple the game is mental so don't make me a issue
I ain't gon blow I'ma sneak up on you niggas, it's simple
I mean c'mon let's tell the truth who want's to die by a missile
Feel me, trey
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