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Letter To You Lyrics

Ryan Trey – Letter To You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Aye listen close I'm about to revisit a real scene
My girls a different person from times that you've intervened
And times that you've told her she wasn't shit
You played a little too hard with her almost witnessed her quit
That was the darkest month I've ever lived
I tried to put it behind us scars on her wrist to remind us
Of what was soon to be
If I could meet you live I'd fight you one on one just you and me
I'll take off all my jewelry and show you how a nigga get down
I'm from St Louis what's up with the kid took her from peacefully getting rest too a hospital bed
My baby girl is dying and it's killing me
Overprotective I get it it's been instilled ever since I watched her explain to me all the shit that her parents ain't know
Ever since then seeing her cry just became the regular no
I tried my hardest to keep her straight and her head on right
But in the process of doing so I be losing mine
Wanna see her shine but when you come round you soak up all the sunlight out her eyes, take the smile off her face and take the colour out her sky
Just to hear a child tell me fuck a life I'd rather die
There's some shit that I can't explain if I tried and I try a lot
So if I, start to cry that means I'm crying for you
So don't you worry about a thing I put my life before you
And don't go running from your past I'm here, so I support you
When bullets fly and you don't bleed, just know I took it for you

My letter to you
And there's no hate in my eyes
Sometimes I try to let it go
And when you see me tell me do you see pain in my eyes
Or do you think I've let it go
Should I let it go

[Verse 2]
Now here you got this seventeen year old boy, he started writing music
Well he's been writing since a youngin' but he never used it
He went from writing bout his day and how he does in school in
To talking bout his little girl cuz he's been going through it
Talking bout her sadness and how her health been spiraling down
On top of that he liked to write his friends would call him a clown
On top of that ain't, feel accepted when he walked in his house
Add on to that, the world is burning him out
And now he's doubting if his family even care about the shit he likes to do
Bashed him when he said he rapped told him take a different route
These things can hurt when you just trynna be you
He's still dealing with the repercussions from seeing the sadness in from his girl as he saw
Her mind go numb, not many people that young should witness a time so dark
And neither parent was aware of what was up with their son
Not people that age should witness that kind of change
He was done, finally said fuck it he gon' go on home and fix it himself
He need the answers but his mind wasn't with it
He's head spinning like what the fuck is going on with my life
If I go this way then I'm wrong, if I go this way then I'm still wrong
I don't get it, God tell me
If this might be my last and final minutes with these pills and the sun through the shade is the only witness
All he wants is some forgiveness and peace, now he's hand shaking his knees and
His knees and his hands shaking ah' shit nice
Now his phone blowing up three rings no answer
A text still no answer, is eating at him like cancer
His mother calls and he finally gets it
She like baby, put em down are you crazy just sit down this is crazy
He's heart speeding, it's racing
This room small but he pacing a smile all on his face
And his father on the way home that's why his sister shook to the bone
His hand still holding the phone but before you heard his last breath he was gone

Letter to you
He died that night, yeah
And the killer still loose, still lurking, a silent weapon
It's just something that the police can't catch and
And that's depression
So I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I think I have to let it go
When you see me tell me
Tell me do you see pain in my eyes
Or do you think I let it go
I let it go
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