The time has come
The hour has run
It's time to listen to what you don't want to hear
You may tremble for change, it's all part of the fear
It's time to view what you don't want to see
Those who are slaves will soon be free
The bars of the cage in some time will break
As the mountains will tumble and rumble and quake
The heavens with thunder, the wind it will howl
The swords will be broken, the war dogs will growl
Things are gonna change
Revolution must come for the fighting inside
There's no where to run, there's no where to hide
Don't fight it, don't try, for all things must pass
We all loved the old ways but nothing can last
It withers and thither we go to redeem
The old man may weep as the babies still scream
Things are gonna change
And if we search to the depths of our minds
We find nothing is fine and no one's alright
The dreams of our fathers must lay down and die
Not linger and smoke and creep in our eyes
Two by two the crooked beasts board
Worry not child, calm will follow the storm
Freedom will ring as a cry through the streets
The sound of redemption's the sound of our feet
March on my brothers, this war will be ours
It shall be our fight against murder most foul
Our blood and our tears will be she'd for our cause
Grip your swords and make ready and never pause
Things are gonna change
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Things Are Gonna Change Lyrics

Ryan Biracree – Things Are Gonna Change Lyrics