Who am I he asked as
The cards hit the table
Ace of Spades
The king had no queen
The girl sat alone
In her house made of stone
Lay in wait
For the wolf to come in
The puddles outsidecaught his lonely stride
And she lay awake in her bed
Outside lonliness came down in rain
And would it forever
Lest fate intervened
His name was Corey
A boy of 16
She was Kelly
A girl of the same
Destiny would string them on minarets
In the cold blue october light
And they'd dance in the sky
With diamonds their guide
And everything would be all right
The day finally came when the two met
Swept up in a whirlwind of blue
The hours were flowers as time passed
Every thought
He told her
Is of you
And of Saturday maples they dreamed there
Under the fallen oak tree
All along the lake where they met there
They said yes
This must be the sea
The wind overhead sang a memory
A tale of their love the air told
You can still hear it sometimes
Whither the wind blows it cold
And the two of our story grew older
As many here are apt to do
The ace grew fom hearts to black clubs there
Now there is one
Where were two
And Corey sit's out on the back porch
Remembering Kelly's bright smile
A little tear falls as he watches the sky
Whither the wind blows a while
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Love Song #4 (the Ballad Of Corey And Kelly) Lyrics

Ryan Biracree – Love Song #4 (the Ballad Of Corey And Kelly) Lyrics