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Take A Risk Lyrics

RX Peso – Take A Risk Lyrics

I was on the block, got to take a risk
I was on the block, got to take a risk
I done met the plug, had to take a trip
I done fucked around and learned how to whip
I've been on the block, had to take a risk
I just got in the pot and I had to whip
Run the block hard, I had to take a risk
I done met the plug, got to take a trip

On the block, take a risk
Hard work, a nigga whip
Real plug, take a trip
Rich nigga, take your bitch
[?] nigga, when I eat a meal
I'm taxing that cash, I wanna see a mill
I'm rich off drugs, I ain't signing no deal
Ain't trusting no bitch, I just love my steel
Been taking 32, that shit for real
And I kick them in the head, I'm ready to kill
My gun pointing at you, nigga, better pray
Make you get on your knees and say your grace
I'ma keep on grinding, nigga, keeping faith
And I'm knocking shit off, better check the Wraith
Keep them babies young, I ain't talking rape
Stars in the ceiling, bitch, I'm in the Wraith
I didn't write this, it came from my head, it's amazing
Plug on the white, call it Caucasian
Cookie got me squinting eyes, no Asian
I'm selling that dog food, got me aching
[?] make them mad when I make it
She bad as fuck in my mansion, get an eighth
I'ma keep on throwing cash, she don't gotta shake it
Me and [?] wrapping bricks, we gotta shake them
If you take her to my hood [?]
Had to take a risk, know my plug Haitian
Come and rent the bricks and I ain't talking Jamaican
I'm a jerker nigga, I don't eat the bacon
DrugRixh, I've seen this shit before I make it
[?] got them contemplating
On them Percocets high, fuck don't giving a fuck what you think
Kicked that bitch out 'cause I heard she kissed her
Oh, my God, he get the [?], she got a call
Oh, my God, he fucked the bitch and she the swoon
Oh, my God, I heard you robbing [?] and juug
Stick hold a hundred, nigga, fuck the bulletproof
Fuck the next nigga, I want you to see me, too
Damier, nigga, 50 bricks, [?] coupe
My diamonds be hitting hard and they trapping, too
Kodak Black, nigga, I want a gold tooth
On the block, hard risk
Hard work, nigga whip
Real plug, take a trip
Rich nigga, take your bitch
If I could buck them, it'll get me a dope
Ain't no depressing shit, I'ma pour me a four
And she hop in my whip 'cause this shit called the Ghost
And I'm turnt up in the club, doing the most
And I'm popping bottles, bitch, let me give a toast
Only fuck a model bitch, so keep her close
I gotta take a hard risk to hit the road
And I'm striking cash like I hit for gold
And I run up that money, I want some of it sold
MONY POWR RSPT, I will never fold
That Glock got extensions, so they can't close
Fuck a iron, nigga, clothes coming [?]
Fuck a rubberband, I keep it on me long
My trap house big as fuck, they call that Home Alone
I'm geeked on the molly, fucking her all night long
Your bitch and them I like when you wear the thong
I'm taking a risk, fuck you in your momma home
And I get the fuck up, I done left the stove on
I cracked the pot in the fork and whip
I met the plug, had to take a trip
On the block, working hard, I had to take a risk
And I'm still sweating while I'm whipping bricks
If you know I keep a stick, I'm clapping shit
You could play with the plug, but you gonna miss
You could show your little butt, I'ma [?]
And I'm DrugRixh, fuck the Forbes list
Had to take a trip and go and meet the plug
Then I came back with a foreign bitch
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