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Felt Da Vibe Lyrics

RX Peso – Felt Da Vibe Lyrics

I swear to God, I’ve got to keep them praying hard
On the block, I’m tripping, trying to serve that hard
I caught a vibe with me, I’m going hard

I caught a vibe they was scared of
Shoot a real bitch, keep her legs up
Hard work, gotta stack the bread up
Keep reaching, leave you niggas fed up
A hundred round drum, I don’t carry no pistols
She sucking you, but you still wanna kiss her
I felt the vibe that you niggas was scared
I’ma keep on stacking, bitch, I just want that bread
And I carry with me, ready to take off your head
[?] with them dreads
The guns are pulling up, fuck the Feds
I’ma keep on vibing
I’ma pull up in foreigns and 30s and clips
No ski mask on me, I want you to see this shit
My energy high, fuck it, stay lit
I don’t trust niggas but the boss in the VIP
I’m kicking it, my hand on the hip
In the hood, banging Blood with the Crips
Put him on the plug, then we gonna split
If I catch you popping, then I gotta hit you
[?] nigga, take him off the list
And I felt the vibe that you wasn’t rich
They like, “DrugRixh, you got a bad bitch”
I’ma fuck up this cash on the fashion
When I hop in the Mazi, I’ma crash it
You gon’ see who really living the fastest
Spend a check on a mansion, fuck the cabbage
Straight cash, nigga, fuck advances
I’m controlling your bitch ‘cause I got advantages
She gon’ hop in my Ghost, know it’s time to vanish
Got a pair of mill cash, that’s the ransom
I’ma stick it up, make my momma happy
Pussy on the [?] the cash faster
When I’m getting home, know it’s getting nasty
Make it rain in the club, see you dancing
And I’m stuck on the Percs in the foreign, I hope I don’t crash it
When we pull up, bitch, we’ll all blast you
A homicide leave the scene nasty
The stick clapping, hold a hundred fucking caskets
Pour up a four of that mud before I smash it
Geeked up on the Perc, I don’t nut fast
But I’ll nut on her face, splash
I’ma keep on feeling vibes that you scary
The latest one that’s living legendary
This real life, ain’t no fairy tailing
I keep the stick with me and all my partners felons
I’ma shoot at your wig, splitting your melon
I’ma pop a Perc, nigga, and roll the cannons
I just fucked her one time and left her damaged
I done took her soul, felt the vibe heavy
I’ma shoot the chopper, watch me hold it steady
I’ma twist your body like it was spaghetti
I’ma keep going, I won’t stop [?]
Roll the Backwood up, fuck the cameras
And the foreign come with the back cameras
I’ma catch you creeping and I’ma still laugh at him
Shoot him in the face, still smiling
My youngin’ got homicide and he wilding
And I keep him with me, so he still riding
[?] bad news: nigga, not a [?]
I’ma keep on the drugs, still grinding
I’ma show them the style so you see the diamonds
Raided the plug, so I had to slime them
And it’s real life, nigga, fuck the rhyming
I’ma call out my money like rock climbing
I’m on fire, nigga, fuck declining
DrugRixh, bitch
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