While everyone is sleeping in,
I've been questioning my relevance,
To your life,
Oh to be a part of it, this abandoned puzzle would get it's fix,
And it's beauty could ignite this burned out smile,

And I've been waiting on the world, to toss me a life line,
Because I'm powerless,
And it's getting to me now,
I gave a good fight,
Even you should be proud,
But I'm down out for the count

Ideas flowing thick and fast,
To steal your attention and put right the past,
For a lesser hurt you could re kindle,
This smouldering mound where we once spent,
The best years of our lives so far,
I always smile when I see our mark,
And "Johns Street" walls will portray our greatest tale,

Let's pack our bags and leave,
Revive old memories
We will treat this world as our own
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Waiting On The World Lyrics

Rumour Has It – Waiting On The World Lyrics