I'll save my breath this time,
Cause my hands are bound so tightly,
That I'm in no position to lie,
Just save my words this time,
Cause inside we know this is far to beautiful for fiction

Sit tight here's the story of your life:
"How you'll be sorry when I'm gone"
And though we've burned our bridges,
I'm still outside of your house where the light is always on (for me)

It's come to this
The taste of you, upon my lips
They burn so bright:
The streetlights which guide us home tonight

So I'll save my breath this time,
And let's just keep these cameras rolling baby we go live in five,
Because it's all on you and I and,
Inside we know this is all just fiction

Streetlights will guide us home tonight
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StreetLights Lyrics

Rumour Has It – StreetLights Lyrics