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Mahamaya Lyrics

Rudra – Mahamaya Lyrics

Avyakta-namni paramesa-saktih
Anady avidya tri-gunatmika para
Kary'anumeya sudhiy'aiva maya
Yaya jagat sarvam idam prasuyate

The Power of the Absolute contained
It is not real and not unreal
The material cause of the universe of names and forms I perceive

A profound mystery beyond intellectual comprehension
And it will always be

This finite mind cannot comprehend your true nature. Its maker!
World of contradictions
That's the way it is

You are Time
You are Space
You are Causality

Srishti stiti binashanam
Shakti bhute sanatani
Gunashraye Gunamaye
Narayani Namo-stu-te

You are Time
You are Space
You are Causality

This inscrutable power hides the real nature of the Absolute
It has the power of concealment and the power of projection

Beyond this phenomenal world there is eternity
Transcending the phenomenal world I'll realise Infinity
Acknowledging only that which is real achieve immortality
Searching for it here and there only to find it within

Transcending Time
Transcending Space
Transcending Causality

It is the cause of bondage
Sorrow and pain are its effects
It is a Statement of Fact

You are enslaved by nature
You try to free yourself
But you are trapped
This bondage strangles you and you scream
"Freedom!" You want to be free!

Not till you're on your knees and you plead
You yearn. Time to discern

Not to be bound, to be free
On your knees you must plead
The hands of grace will now embrace you
Now, be free!
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