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Shadow People Lyrics

Rua Parker – Shadow People Lyrics

Walkin' around long after midnight
I stumbled into this dark little bar.
She was sittin' alone there on a barstool,
I walked on over
Said "My name is Par"

She said "I don't give a damn what your name is,
And I
Don't want you up in my face."
I said "If you just give me a couple 'a minutes,
I'll tell you why I walked into this place."

"I was just lookin' for someone to drink with,
Someone who knows th' darkness of night;
And when I walked in, I had no expectations,
But when I saw you, I thought that you might"

"Just be a person that I could talk to,
I ain't lookin' to follow you home.
Just a couple 'a drinks and maybe a smile.
I'm so damned tired of bein' alone."

And that's when a spark of compassion, it hit 'er.
She said, "Oh, yeah, I know what you mean.
I've had a tough time with the people that love me-
Feel like I'm livin' my life in between-"

"Th' lines of a novel with no happy ending,
Where the heroes 'n villains are one and th' same.
And the story is sad, and it goes on forever,
Nobody's happy, and no ones to blame."

So we sat and we talked for a couple more hours,
That's when the sun broke through the gloom.
And we wandered off into the daylight,
Ended up in some cheap motel room.

Now we spend our time off in th' shadows,
Faceless and nameless, behind th' scenes,
In a world much too busy to slow down and ponder
Th' plight of th' people who are torn at the seams.

So now, next time you see us, we'll still be together,
Spending our nights in that dark little bar.
And please, please, we don't need your pity,
We are content to be who we are...
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