She tells me of a place, a far distant place,
Way down in the valley,
But I'm so down, I'm stuck in this town,
I can't crawl out of this alley.

So, help me please, to get off of my knees,
And to be heading down that road.
I'll be there soon, by the light of the moon,
If I can get out from under this load.

I want to be going, going
I want to be going, going
Going, going, gone

This song that I sing, won't mean a thing,
When I'm on my way to her,
Because you run around, at the speed of sound,
And you're nothing but a blur.

So, I'll get on that bus, and leave what's left of us
Way off in the distance.
But I just can't seem, to ditch all my dreams,
Without a lot of resistance.

I will be going, going
I will be going, going
Going, going, gone

Now, I'll never miss your cold, cold kiss,
And all the lies you told me.
You were never there, though you said that you cared,
You never wanted to hold me.

So, there'll come a day after I've gone away,
When I won't remember this song.
You're a feeling I fought, a forgotten thought,
Your memory will be all but gone.

You will be going, going
You will be going, going
Going, going, gone

So, I'm on my way, to some better day,
And to be with the one I love.
But you will remain, in the back of my brain,
Like a dark cloud that lingers above.

So, now that I've gone, it all seems so wrong,
To think how I wanted you,
With a passion that burned, 'til I finally learned,
We're all looking for something new.

That's why I'm going, going
Yes, I am going, going
Going, going, gone
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Going, Going, Gone Lyrics

Rua Parker – Going, Going, Gone Lyrics

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