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Button Fumbla Lyrics

Royal Canoe – Button Fumbla Lyrics

Rollin in the Corolla
Only sipping the cola
All your lonely friends
They be making amends down in Espanola

Gonna rip the seat off
Even turn the heat off
Backroads with roses on the mound
Where your cousin veered off

If we ever get through the rushing water
I know, I know, I know we'll make it all the way

Holy water in the tumbler
Forgetting names like a mumbler
I'm getting humbler
Oh, she's a button fumbla
Up above me soars a rumbler
There's miles to stumbler
Nobody ever took home a grumbler

Your mother don't give a damn what your father bought her
She know, she know, she knows that we went all the way

There's the clatter of a king-can clanking the ground
Twenty stories up, you still hear the sound
And the sun's up on top of the world
Touching our faces in all the delicate places

And there's all this beauty just screaming out
It's like a goddamn forest 'bout ready to sprout
It's cracking them floors and the grout
I feel my tongue making shapes in my mouth

I couldn't help but look down
At my feet rocking back beneath me
I wonder if they know how
My heels could crush the city

How the feeling in your body fills you up
With joy

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Songwriters: Brendan Rhys Berg, David Paul Driedger, Derek Allard, Matthew C. Peters, Matthew Paul Schellenberg, Michael Paul Jordan, Nathan Blanchard
Button Fumbla lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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