The one and only liar
Lost his faith and cried
Where the broekn candles burn
He gazed into the fire
Saw the truth and died
And the wheels of time did turn

And when the strangers meet
To face my heart - my life - my tears inside
In this world we know
Where do we go without pride?
Hey mister, can't you tell me
Why the bells call

And the wheels of time will turn forever
Fear thesilence in my soul
And the wheels of time will turn and never
Rest where golden dices roll
And the wheels of time will turn forever's
Just a six-feet-under-hole

The last and lonely hero
Lately passed away
His ghost is ridin' on the wind
Destination zero
Every single day
He shares a smile with those who sinned

And the wheels of time.....
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Wheels Of Time Lyrics

Rough Silk – Wheels Of Time Lyrics