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Face To Faith Lyrics

Rough Silk – Face To Faith Lyrics

There where times when I lived in darkness
Mother said: "Don't believe in life
It's just a game of shame you'll never win.
First you think you're the one and only
Then you'll end up lost and lonely
Just like all this guilty dogs of sin. "

But if I'd swear - déja vu'
I'd never be as blind as you
If I'd do as I say
Would you take my pain away?

Down the endless road to nowhere
Frozen winds blow cold and trust is
Burning dust and too much ain't enough
All the tears I've cried in vain now
All the fears and words remain
How could there be a hell without light

But if I'd swear - déja vu'....

Faith - face to faith - faith - face to faith

Days of fire and days of passion
Days we've lost and conquered fashion
Days of blood and days to raise your voice.
Mother, now you're gry and old and
Still you live in your house of gold - you
Praise the glamour - born without choice?

But if I'd swear....

Faith - face to faith....

Life is more than you did say
You've thrown your gift away
You're just a waste of grace

I don't believe your....
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