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Homiez Niggaz Lyrics

Rottin Razkals – Homiez Niggaz Lyrics

Don't act wild, don't act wild (wooh, wooh)
I don't want no bullshit out of you
(Inglewood) (Ill Town)
This is for the Homiez and the niggaz

[Chorus - X2]
The homiez from the hood
The niggaz on the block
The homies locked down
The niggaz with the glocks

Check it, I got a crew, two, maybe a few
Who crack 40's daily, do
Crack em over heads too

Word to the bone, I get stoned everyday
Can't nuttin stop me, best be on yer merry-way

I stands for mine and mine iz where it is
All that, so scat, there it is so, square biz

Take precaution often when you're steppin
In my hood it's good to have a weapon

But yo, trouble stays on my mind
And when I go out, it's trouble I'm gonna find
So yo, niggas better hide they goods
Cause here we come, two homies from the hood

[Chorus 2X]

Same shit, new day
Huh, niggaz on the corner, waitin for a pay

Straight off the Bricks, droppin bodies like mob hits
Nobody could stop it, tie it up and then clock it
Step out the house with a clip or two
Down the street's my crew, puffin herb and sippin brew

This is what we do everyday in the hood
Locked down in the ghetto, so we up to no good
Who's takin the bad news straight to the cops?
The homies from the hood, the niggaz with the glocks

Man, I ain't worried about no five-o
Because I dash through the alley, dickin Officer O'Malley, oh
But they're comin from the backyard
I got a stash in a trash, ready to blast his ass hard

Caught off guard, now livin hard in a jail yard
The homie locked down linin up for the mess hall

I had a glock on the block, now I'm locked up
Peepin the game, every nigga think he tough

Huff, puff, I'm blowin all that stuff down
Ran by Illtown, the inside's ours now

[Chorus 2X]

Finish my bid at last, I'm in need of some cash
Don't step my way or that might be your ass

Things have changed, new faces on my block
I got a new glock, so nigga, why not?

118, nigga, yeah, yo, it's time to pay rent
Fuck what you spent, I need every red cent

115 ain't been seen by me in a while
Checkin out the area to see the whole file

You heard what I said, nigga, keepin it real
Cause you ain't got no business bein down the Hill

Start the dash, got the cash, but it ain't enough
So me and my man 'bout to get into some mo' stuff

[Chorus 2X]
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