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Frustration Lyrics

Rottin Razkals – Frustration Lyrics

Frustration, how do I release the pain?
Frustration, got a brother goin' insane
Frustration, do what we must to maintain
Frustration, everybody feels the same

Where will I go, who will I see, what will I say
When and if I get to heaven or if I even go that way
I don't know
Who calls the shots?
Who says it starts and it stops?
What's what and what's not?
Not me, not you
Not I, not who
Not a member of the Double I crew
Take the second letter off frustration
And now I wanna fuss with everybody in the nation
Everybody feels the same
Puff izm, everybody's goin' insane
Racism, everybody feels the pain
But as for me
I do what I must to maintain


Do I release, is there ever a time when I'm at my peace?
Be it West or East Coast, I devoted promotes
My life to hip hop for the heart provokes
The one that totes
Issuin heat, givin' they enemies a choke
We ain't a hate cult
We got love but hate for those who traumatize, sodomize
Crook-a-delics in disguise
I'm in a state of frustrate
Now I saw my friend
Ain't know when
Just say I'm goin' all out
Cos I ain't givin' in
To my frustration, with my frustration
To my frustration, with my....


Frustration, how many ways does it hit us?
Racism, poverty and plenty brothaz put in prison
Real nigguz come from the dayz
Before the childhood of my grandpa
Despise another top of the boat for the blackness wanted
And crime across the nation
Parents basin'
Minds are wasted
Disgrace and temptation
No one's involved with education
The limits exceed to live longer than a life span
Man, you take out a chance
And advance from.....


Four twenty in the morning, I ain't gettin' no sleep
Go problems in my head and the shit is gettin' deep
How a nigga like me
Gonna make it as a rapper
Just a thief of da bricks
That been in and out the slammer
Now I gots to fit in with some type of role models
I used to sling coke out of glass and plastic bottles
Always had loot, off of robbin' other niggaz
These finger signin' autographs
Used to pullin' triggers
"Stay out of this shit" is what my niggaz keep yellin'
I ain't got no loot
So ain't no way in hell in tellin'
Waitin' on time gettin' touchy and shit
Even snappin' on some niggaz
And throwin' nervous fits
When I was a crook
I ain't had problems like this
Cos I was in it for self
An' I ain't really give a shit

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