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Hey Valerie Lyrics

Ronnie Hawkins – Hey Valerie Lyrics

Hey Valerie
You've forgotten my number
Or so it seems to me
Blackouts and apathy
Hey Valerie
You're so "fuckin' groovy"
All angst and attitude
Like a Mike Leigh movie
Are you real?
You don't know how to feel
You only know how to steal
Dirty regrets from a red glass heart

Hey Valerie
The dirt gets in everything
In our poems and in our eyes
Grime stains and alibi's you give
Something you're generous with
You shouldn't shit where you live
Your clothes stink from the lies you've lived

You're playing hard
You're playing hard
You're playing hard
You're playing hard to get

Mind and body
You offer up like wine
To feed me bleed me
Fucking with my mind
'Til I'm hating every day in every way
You need friends like mirrors
Who's the fairest in the land?
It's all tens and zeros to you
And I can be that way too
A carbon copy of you
Your lying eyes to see through
But, that would never do
And now I'm coming down
Can't get my head around
You left me lost and found
Judas, junkie, clown
Judas, junkie, clown
Judas, junkie, clown
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