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Three Penny Operator Lyrics

Ronnie Hawkins – Three Penny Operator Lyrics

The night just taunts me
And the morning isn't mine
I'm kneeling at the monument of hate you left behind
And lying next to you
Still feels like pulling off a crime
The blanket's stained with guilt
When your dreams are full of wine
There'll be a pistol at my head
Either now or later
Bullets preying at the temple of a three penny operator

You can see the Kamikazes
In the lovers that you pick
She pulls neurotic rabbits
From her basket full of tricks
You lay with one eye open
While the other gets some sleep
You trust that woman like the R.C.M.P.
'Cause she's going up
A down escalator
It's a running gag, she's a three penny operator

Walk the moon-soaked doorways
The fresh air will do you well
Fill a jar up with pennies
And secrets you don't want to tell
Keep your pockets full
You never know when she'll return
When the keyhole clicks and the handle turns
Who's driving this thing?

There are spys
Working inside the love that you thought was bulletproof
And every time you smile with your eyes
Your throat feels a noose
But, I don't understand
I don't want to be your hangman
No, I don't understand
I just want to be your lover
At least for tonight
Or 'til the stock-market changes
Two cents worth from a three penny operator

Beeswax, cinnamon and L.S.D.
My friend's got pains where his butterflies should be
And the branches are all twisted in the leaves of these trees
And the taboos that have been lifted don't give me any ease
So it's one shot for now and two shots for later
Freezing in Tequila like a three penny operator
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