I've got a view of Boston
From the twenty-second floor
The moon is red
Room service is at the door
I've got songs to sing
And a million things
To distract me when I'm blue
But I don't have you
I've got rolls and rolls of snapshots
From thirty-seven states
I've memorized the slogans
On all the license plates
Oh I've seen the sights
And the neon lights
But I can't enjoy the view
When I don't have you
I close my eyes, I see your face
Staring out the window of a taxi in the rain
I don't know when the road will end
Or how long I will have to wait
To be with you again
There's a waiter making eyes at me
Perhaps he'd take me home
But I know in a stranger's arms
I'd just feel more alone
Oh I've got the chance
For a quick romance
In the lives that I pass through
But I don't have you
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Red Moon Over Boston Lyrics

Romanovsky & Phillips – Red Moon Over Boston Lyrics