She is black and I am blue
Bruises on my heart for you
All my drawings on her wall
Never seems to mind at all

Keeps her secrets in a jar
Reads them when I'm in her car
She is smart and I am not
She built me a make-out robot

Some girls are pepper she is salt
Favorite element cobalt
Every line of poetry
She writes with pen all over me

She sings all of our favorite songs
Even though the words are wrong
And even when she goes to sleep
Her mind has got a hold of me

If a nerd and a cupcake had a baby
It would be just like my lady.
Cute and sweet and a little crazy
All the geeks they want my baby.

She tells me I'm like chemistry
With laws that don't apply to me
If she throws paper I throw rock
And let her think that she is hot

When she cries I take her tears
Mail them far away from here
She always smiles when I'm caught
Getting to know make-out robot.

Hey girl we'll be ok
And anyway
We're way to young for

Problems to come our way
So take the day
And geek it out more
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If A Nerd And A Cupcake Had A Baby Lyrics

Rocket Me Nowhere – If A Nerd And A Cupcake Had A Baby Lyrics