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Some People Call Me Crazy Lyrics

Rocket Me Nowhere – Some People Call Me Crazy Lyrics

You've got eyes like astronomy
Kisses like the lottery
Girl you've got all of me
Like a love song
Your voice is like a stereo
Playing perry commo
You're best case scenario
So baby don't you let me go

They say I've gone insane
We'll I've got you to blame
So while they're acting cool
I'll be here living like a fool

Some people call me crazy I call it you
You've got me fallen for the things that you do
And when we touch I swear I can fly it's like
Whoa oh oh oh Let's keep our heads in the sky For Life
(Is crrraaazy)

If love's a pencil hope it's true
It draws me very close to you
Like every color flows to you
I swear rainbows propose to you
Call me crazy your so fine
You really really blow my mind
When hands become the valentine
With mine in yours and yours in mine

My brain has sailed away
But you are here to stay
I know this makes no sense
But this really makes perfect sense

Hey now your smile
Hey now your smile
It makes everything
Yea all of this worth while
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