I am not getting close to a fuller picture,
Bring me right out of here, I've had enough.
Hearts broken, or maybe it was just an illusion,
No matter now, it's just the way we fall.

You can't see through vacant eyes.
I see straight through your lies.
Can you get out alive?
We can't get out alive.

You'll always be just outside my reach.
But I'm still holding on (still holding on)
To your dreams
I'm in your dreams.

I'm holding on to your last words.
But it seems that I'm not getting through.
So many times, the lies from your head.
When does this end?

Get off your knees.

I'm burning myself down,
Back down to size.
Keep burning in this light,
Come back to life.

Now I'm falling,
In love with your lies.
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In Love With Your Lies Lyrics

Rise Till Fall – In Love With Your Lies Lyrics