This is a lesson you will not get.
Ignorance, will keep you from knowing
The truth that lies within my mind
I've told you so many times to just take a look inside.
You won't get left behind. You'll see your fate.

And I know I've seen this before.
The same thing everytime.
And I only hope this will help you learn.
Maybe you can be saved.

You, you're getting close
You're just getting too close
You really need to, just back up off of me.
This is what you have become, and no you can't be saved
Just go away as you start to bleed.
I am not so tolerant, with your ignorant bullshit
Just keep in mind: you wanna fight
I'll rip apart your arrogance. You will finally see,
What I can do, don't fuck around with me.

I'll bring you down with me.

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Blue Vs. Curious George Lyrics

Rise Till Fall – Blue Vs. Curious George Lyrics