I just can't take no more, everytime I close the door. Everytime I think you're gone (I just can't take no more)

I don't wanna hear from you again, don't even want to hear them say your name because no amount of time can heal my pain (I just can't take no more)

When I see you in the club and you won't look in my eye. Do you think it doesn't hurt enough to see that girl by your side? Remember when you said I was the best thing in your life, but then you broke my heart, you made me cry boy now tell me why?

How did I let you get so deep inside of me?
(Run Away)
I don't want you still to be a part of me.
(I just can't stay)
I'm tired of waiting to see a better day
(Run Away)
So I'm leaving for a place that's far away
(Just can't stay)

When I see you in the club and you just walk on by, pretending like there never was a 'you and I' and I just can't take you walking in and out my life, so baby boy I'm running away tonight.


When I see you in the club and you won't look in my eye. My heart is bruised, I'm so confused, I need a place to run and hide. Now baby boy tonight you hurt me for the very last time. Soon as I get home pack up my things leave this mess behind.

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Run Away Lyrics

Rhoda Morgan – Run Away Lyrics