Someone always got something to say, in my business everyday. They put me down in everyway (put me down in everyway)
Watch me turn my back and walk away, don't phase me coz one day they'll pay. What it matter anyway? (What it matter anyway?)

Coz if it's me against the world (won't stop this girl)I got this, you can't stop this
If it's me against the world (won't stop this girl)I rock this, you can't knock this.


You were never down with me, never believed in me, didn't see all that I can be.
I don't owe you anything, you should have been there when, I was all alone back then.

You may think I'm not that strong (not that strong) but you can't keep me down for long (down for long) You may think I won't hold on (I won't hold on) but I'ma still, I'ma still keep singing my song.


I'ma do just as I please, fuck your negativity
This fire burns inside of me.
You underestimated me, my strength you won't believe. Maybe your hate is what I need.

Repeat bridge and chorus to fade
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Me Against The World Lyrics

Rhoda Morgan – Me Against The World Lyrics