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Evening. Melancholy I Lyrics

Respire – Evening. Melancholy I Lyrics

Three winters past I went to see the sun crash beyond the waters and into the void. I drove all night though the storm to be alone with my thoughts in the presence of our long lost distant God who’s turned his back on us. We’re all falling without understanding the gravity of our collected failures and all our broken promises

With poison in my veins I thought of past regrets and all the times I could never make you happy. Just one more hit to tear me away from your tears. I can’t bare this, I’m sorry. My reflection stares back at me from the cold black water, and in my eyes, the light’s long gone

The once calm sea began to boil with all the things I left unsaid
My weak hands tremble at the thought of all the times I failed myself
I feel the ground shake with my weight, I feel the water rushing through my lungs. Through my heart I can feel the resounding sound of self defeat
Waves, take me now and wash me away to a shore where I can find eternal rest
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