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Bound Lyrics

Respire – Bound Lyrics

Trauma unbinds me
Pages spill out

And anything

The ego sheds
Detachment now
A loss profound
A heart that tears will

Bleed, endless
Breathless, I fall

Help me up
Help me up

I wish I could undo the
Years spent drowning this in dust
I found the deafening silence so
Comforting. I lost all I had
Back then
Back then
Back then

Underneath all this
A weak heart beats, still true

Underneath always
A fading light still burns

I tried to believe it all
Tried to keep faith that
This would end someday

But still it comes crashing
Still the pain resounds
I’m lost and out of rope

You’re more than this...
You’re more than the
Things you’ve done
This hate turned in
The loss profound

You’re more than this
You’re more than this
I promise
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