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Whiteboy Lyrics

Remedy – Whiteboy Lyrics

[Hook x2: Remedy]
Whiteboy, whiteboy
Whiteboy, whiteboy
Whiteboy, whiteboy
A man and his word, and two big balls
Just knows who and when to call
Just knows what to do when he coming for you
Look out this is gangsta y'all
Building the way and no way out
You know just what I'm talking about
You can hope and pray, no matter what they say
That's just stand up and shout
Whiteboy, whiteboy, yeah, born original sinner
Whiteboy, whiteboy, yo, be home for Sunday dinner
Now some white kids they wanna be black
Some white kids don't know how to act
Some turned rap and take the stand
Cause the lines were straight up fact
This whiteboy knows how to jump
This whiteboy could fucking hump
Murder-ass verse with the beats that pump
Don't cop no shit, don't talk no junk
Maybe you should, maybe you should
Maybe you could, or maybe you could
Known to eat that pussy good
Maybe you would, maybe you would
[Chorus x2: Remedy]
Whiteboy, Caucazoid
Hard-headed b-boy
He's not a decoy
Puffed up and paranoid
[Hook x2]
Play that funky music whiteboy, that's what they're
Play that funky music whiteboy, yyou keep on playing
We don't give a fuck (Right) You don't give a fuck
I can smell a fight
Looks like somebody might lose their life tonight
(That's right)
So sad, that's how it goes
Nobody's safe and nobody knows
Each and everyday, the size of it grows
Remedy Ross don't overdose
Budweiser 12-pack, always got that murder sack
Shoot at me and I'll shoot right back
Remedy Ross counterattack
Brown hair, blue eyes
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