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Reuven Ben Menachum Lyrics

Remedy – Reuven Ben Menachum Lyrics

Feat. Rza
[Intro: rza (Remedy)]
Yo, yo, yo..
Yo, yo, yo, yo..
(Block 'em)
'Bout to give y'all the Remedy for ya sickness
For y'all 501 Whiteboy hip-hop baloons
My nigga Remedy's the ones we choose son
Let 'em go, yo..
Spazzola, yo..
Yo, eh-yo, fuck that, the Remedy'll counter-attack
I throw the match on ya hate-stack, actual fact
My life's a trial, government name is on file
B-Loaw! We came outta exile, for miles
I see past the immediate and gaze on the ultimate
Conquered it, Wu affiliate and proud conglomerate
My pen hates all y'all fake rap infiltrates
Terminates, back with a force like angry inmates
We kill tracks East to West, Barracks and back
Pillagin with the Cap, we mix white with black
Concotin the Shaolin deadly toxin
Return of the Killa Bee Swarm in Chessboxin
[Chorus 4X: Remedy]
Reuven Ben Menachum, block 'em, block 'em
Never Again, Never Again, it's us against them
Uh, peace to Yad Vashem
Now I Declare War on mc's, a rush to the forearm
We form the figure-four and broad-arm
Sulfur solution, Rem-D, six-hundred proofin
Jump into the booth, let off my contribution
Freeze ya, leave ya mouth cotton
Kill you in ya sleep with the seizure
Have you for forgotten?
Fatigue ya, Rem-D spoil ya plans rotten
Leave ya wit amnesia, ya can't hold steady
It's too heavy to you, ain't ready
Reuven Ben Menachum, we Calm But Deadly
Block 'em!
[Chorus 4X]
Any time in this presence
I strike an image that bears resemblance
No questions, sixty-six new lessons
Rules of engagement, snake fucks fall to the pa
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