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Book Of Life Lyrics

Remedy – Book Of Life Lyrics

There's anthrax in the air, it ain't safe to breathe
You could come but you might not leave
You could stay, but you might be dead
When spontaneous combustion fills up ya head
Radiation from ya cell phone, layers off the ozone
Introducin' the first human clone
Ya hear me, it's the stem cell theory
Replacement parts, livers, lungs, brains and hearts
Dioxribonuceaic acid
Gobots, high tech, humanized robots
Microchip, six million mega bits
All types of shit, virtual reality, age of the Internet
Evolution, hazardous, waste pollution
The scare of chemical warfare
Gas masked up, not givin' a fuck, armed and dangerous
The first order, is don't drink the water
[Chorus 2X: Remedy]
(The book of life in today's event)
Stop, look, listen, read
(The book of life in today's event)
Think, feel, move, breathe
Chronologically, ancient technology
Primitive ancestors, modern archeology
A caveman's manifestation, space exploration
Extinction, over population
Star Wars defense systems, state of alert
Level 5, Code Red, yo, you might get hurt
Mother Nature takes course, natural disaster
Parallel force, then the day after
Napalm bombs now no one's left
Electric funeral, life to death
Fire in the sky, now what's the plan?
And is there a God, and who made man?
Adam and Eve or the Big Bang Theory?
Who ever said the Sabbath day was Sunday?
How could you worship a mystery God?
And life's not fair now, times are hard
[Chorus 2X]
The P.D., F.B.I., C.I.A. to the President
NASA, the government, levels of embezzlement
Secret society's, spyin' me, watchin' me
Eyein' me, waitin' impatiently
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