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Education (Feat. Rza & Children Of The World) Lyrics

Remedy – Education (Feat. Rza & Children Of The World) Lyrics

{*children screaming*}
{*bell rings*}
[Man over P. A. System]
I need your attention now kids
Due to the recent events that have occured
Effective immediately, all classes are suspended
Until further notice
{*children cheering*}
Black and white notebooks and ball-point pens
The first day of school, might make some new friends
From the 103, dreams to me was a Benz
Or the 3 o'clock bell that sounds when school ends
Lunch room status, we used to roll dice
Bang beats on the tables to see who was nice
Swore we knew it all, didn't want no advice
How unfortunate, some paid the ultimate price
We used to cut class all day, roam around the hallways
With little wooden passes
I remember 6th grade, assembly, shirt with tie
The young little Remedy, wonderin why
I did what I was told to get to junior high
Cuz at that point in time I believed I could fly
Big blue binders, young designer finders
Livin in the world with no rules, high school
Language arts, I sat and wrote darts
My mind ran wild and free like Young Hearts
Mathematics, where I based my foundation
Fall to the nation on wack Education
[Chorus: Children of the World (Remedy)]
We don't need no Education
We don't need no thought control
(What we need?)
What we need is information
Teach us, leave those kids alone
Yo, yo, sit in the back of the class with my hand up
2 wild security guards just grabbed my man up (Hey!)
Threw him in detention for 5 days suspension
Cuz sunset, the teacher was lyin about the Indians
Tryin to tell much of the story of Columbus
Tryin to brain-numb us, when all you see, that came from us
They copy-carvin, I learned about Gods and
Taggin Wu
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