Verse 1
Wake out of sleep,
Underlining, redefining breaks me to my knees
Sick with my self
This situation, violation pushing to be someone else

But this is who I am, I'm shouting it loud
Not gonna change just cuz you think I should now
Breaking down these walls reaching past the shade
I'm not gonna damage what he already paid
You think I'm so much less than what I'm worth
Just be surprised and open your eyes

Verse 2
Wake from this dream
It started fine it's redesigned
This slumber turned to nightmares incomplete
Aching from these words
Pushing forward holding on don't look back into the hurt.


It's so unfair to treat me less then what I am
So just keep fighting, holding your head high
Your so much more then why you cry!

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Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Rekoncyle – Open Your Eyes Lyrics