Verse 1
I can see you look confused and you don't know where your headed
But your faith can be commended all alone yet feeling at home
You wonder why your searching in directions where their lurking
It seems they wanna see you hurting
Just endure until the end redemption's just around the bend

Stand firm ignite your world
You can be the fire burning brightly
Anchored your faith is secure
Can you see the power that's inside me

Verse 2
I don't see why we do this giving up when your restless
C'mon tell me where your heart is broken inside cannot deny
Nothing left to discover when this feelings taken over
Makes you wanna run for cover
Listen to this message when your feeling desperate


When I believe in You , You're overwhelming You are majesty
The things that I once pursued kept me away from You
Now your covering!

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Stand Firm Lyrics

Rekoncyle – Stand Firm Lyrics