Verse 1
Just imagine it nothings happening inside this empty space
Inside this empty hole you've dug
Just beyond the noise of this faded world
You've found a special place
A place your all alone
Your moving along, but nobody knows you are...

Bruised bleeding underneath, frozen in agony
But still none can see the hurt
Scarred but wear a covering so that the world won't see
That your beaten and bleeding silently

Verse 2
There's an open door with a broken floor
With no way else around, just on the broken ground
Then you hear your name ringing through the flames
Telling you your not alone, don't be afraid
I'll be by your side, In me you can hide even when your...


You gave it all up on that cross so that we won't be alone
And now I can see what You did for me
Cuz you walked that same road to Calvary.

New Chorus
You we're bruised bleeding openly frozen in agony
But still nobody understood
Scarred hanging there suffering so that the world could see
All the love that you have for me

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Bleeding Silently Lyrics

Rekoncyle – Bleeding Silently Lyrics