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Ranger Jack Lyrics

Rednex – Ranger Jack Lyrics

Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack
Let me have my girlfriend back
Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack
Let me have her back

Her skin was soft, her eyes were deep
Always gentle, kind and sweet
In the night, with her bodyheat
We never had to speak

Skies were blue, birds did sing
Me and my darling had everything
We had our nights under the moon
Til you came with your shiny boots

Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack...

Remember the barn, in the hay,
You never gave me no or neigh
Lovely eyes, your waving hips
I kissed your lovely lips

The rain was hard, the wind was cold
When you lay outside our door
I helped you in and dressed your wounds
And dried your shiny boots

Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack...

Now all alone, in this soak
Down the dung with my rusty fork
My mule is gone, you took her away
To ride her night and day

Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack...

Featuring Öban as Ranger Jack
Music: Örjan Öban Öberg
Lyrics: Öban, Gert Landewall, Göran Larsson
Produced and mixed by: Öban & Ranis.
Mandolin by Tomas Hegert
Piano by a stranger who slept at the back yard
Choir sung by Jan Ericsson, Ranis and the Bakelit crew
In Studio Bakelit (hopefully NOT based on a true story...)
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