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Underpaid Lyrics

REASON – Underpaid Lyrics

Wooh, I'm so underpaid (underpaid, underpaid), but fuck it, these the under days
Got to put in work like a hundred slaves, swear that I'm so underpaid
I be gettin' straight to the money, no stops (no stops, not stops)
No fear, nigga, unafraid, it's win or die, like the Hunger Games
Wooh, I swear that I'm so underpaid
I swear that I be gettin' straight to the money
No time for the sleep, gotta handle my business
Young niggas gettin' killed, it's the cycle of life, I'm tryna break it like dishes
Young nigga grindin' hard, puttin' in that overtime (what?)
Do it all for the riches (for the riches)
No time for a hater, no thoughts for a thot (for a thot)
Middle finger to the bitches, ugh
Focused on my drive and these lines is what separates us
I'm tryna make a lane for a nigga
All these dimes hangin' 'round and they fightin' over pennies (over pennies)
Well, I'm glad you see a change in the nigga, ugh
Look, goin' Drizzy Drake on a nigga, blowin' up
And Nothing Was The Same for a nigga
Breakin' up a box, David Blaine on a nigga
Flow crack, and I whip it up a Range for a nigga
They ain't workin', they be fakin' with the hustlers
Who you think you're foolin' nigga?
Black Mamba work ethic, Kobe Bryant with the shot (with the shot)
If I don't make it, I keep shootin' nigga
Wooh, Kobe face, Kobe face, Kobe face (what)
From a place, we don't ever know we safe (naw)
Every day, niggas shootin' like it's Golden State (bop)
And tuck the burner in the bushes, that's a throwaway, ugh
Diamonds blue and yellow like it's IKEA (IKEA, IKEA)
And it's brighter than my ideas and R.I.P. to Aaliyah
But I'm one in a million, I can't stomach the feelin'
Of being broke till I'm dead, that's just so unappealin'
I murder beats, you could say I'm makin' a killin'
I'm from the streets, cookin' up to feed me a village
We gotta eat, every day I'm faced with decisions
Like do I grind and go get stacks, buy dimes and flip all that
Weight, shit 'cause I need a break boy, no Kit-Kat
Street nigga, gotta stay on my toes, boy no Tic-Tac
Nigga ridin' around with a heavy pimp and a number 1, that's Big Mac
Keep it one hundred like I'm summer days (waht)
Street smarts, reminiscent to my dumber days
Now, I'm gettin' sex money, boy, I'm fuckin' paid
But still feelin' like I'm underpaid
Wait, battle like D
With the flow mastered and conquer the beats
The coldest flow holdin' the POTUS hostage
And watchin' the worlds monsters be monsters
Frankenstein be the Congress, Ben Franklin the gospel
[?] bringin' poilice killings to light but fuck it justice if is nothin'
Brothers still brothers and sisters still sisters, my brother even with chains on
In a way we becomin' slaves, still feelin' like we underpaid
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