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Form Follows Function (Lupe Tribute) Lyrics

REASON – Form Follows Function (Lupe Tribute) Lyrics

If this is how it's all going to end man, you got to make it epic. They say, "Form follows function," so if I function in an epic way, it don't have a choice but to just form that way?

Look, it's fam over everything, bitch ni99a I ain't change shit
I'ma leave with the same ones I came with
They call me Reason, it's time to make the game switch
Up, shit I'm so anxious to get this shit jumpin' like Jordan
This shit is lyrical coke that you snortin'
Take you a hit and you soarin', young nigga don't give a fuck like a Morman
I dont need no bitches, gorgeous, dimes cause too many problems
I just need a bad bitch that to me to take all my problems and solve it
'Cause I'm workin' too hard for the [?]
Yes, you can bet that I going to grind 'til I make it
I'm too hungry and impatient, you can hear starvation in my language
I'm rappin' verses in anguish, bein' broke got me so angry
Flow runnin' similar to faucets, tryna find my way but I rap like I lost it
To be honest I'm exhausted, then I open my eyes and see Morgan
So I got to grind harder knowin' it's a long grind
Grind till I'm on top shinin' like a bald guy
P told me stay up on my toes so I'm on mine
Bring the bacon home in rubberbands, that's a hog tie
See the world from a different angle like a tall guy
Bars over bars, lookin' at your Wifi
I remember [?] used to work at 5 guys
Run up in that bitch get some free burgers
For all my ni99as progression is stress, now ni99as turnt up and circus
That's been my ni99a from day fuckin' one, [?]
Del Amo behind me the pressure is on, this ain't the time to get nervous, lawd
Bars strike, call 'em thunder lines, ni99a say I need a hit for the summer time
I tell 'em hungry ni99as feel it, these are stomach lines
Flows so important all my verses underlined
Bitch wanna fuck, I just tell her, "Jump in line"
She only a 6, flipher like the number 9
Fuck and get to work, I just call it bump n grind
It's like I'm dodgin' passes, the way I'm duckin' dimes
I ain't run outta rhymes yet, I ain't even spit my best lines yet
If punchlines a war, I'm a Vietnam vet
I'm cocky like a pro but hungry for the progress
Thes ni99as lookin' worried, I can they eyes, stressed
'Cause I'm stealin' all they shine, they ain't got no time left
Bitch ni99as takin' shots, pussy I ain't dodge yet
I just keep eatin' beats, it ain't hard to digest

Lupe says, "Form follows function," shit
My ni99a, this got to form into something, shit
I say that Lu' say that, "Form follows function," wait
My ni99a, this got to form into something, lawd
I say Lu' say that, "Form follows function," oouu
Well my ni99a, this got to form into something
I say Lu' say that, "Form follows function"
Well my ni99a, this got to form into something

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