I know there are times in our lives
When we say where do we go from here
Our eyes become blind and we find
That we are overcome with fear
But take it from me we can change
If we look inside our hearts
Now I see that the days ahead can be optimistic instead

Something happened to me
That changed my whole outlook on life
Now I can see something better
For me and you is on the way
Something happened to me and now I feel so real it's unbelievable
I hope that this could happen to you someday

Forgotten times when our lives used to be so care free
Then our eyes became blind and now we hide
Trying to find a key to open the door
But don't let go and you'll find out what you want to know
Then you will see that the days ahead will be optimistic instead

Open your eyes and you will see so clear
Change your desires and there will be no more fear

Lonely I always thought I'd be
Then you came and you set me free
I didn't know what else to do but then I found a friend in you
I was lost now I am found
I bounced back when I hit the ground
I was blind now I can see and all because this happened to me
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Something Happened To Me Lyrics

Ready For Monday – Something Happened To Me Lyrics