Is there some other place for me to hide
I guess i'll never be the one without this pride
But You came over me and on my knees I cried
Is there some other way for me to grow
With all my ignorance there's nothing I can know
A change of the heart for me is the only way to go

Without Your grace Lord I never would have found it
You gave me something that I've never ever felt before
And on the day when I see it in Your eyes
I want to fly

Is there some other time that I can come
It doesnt't take much for me to turn my back and run
I know that i'll never be the perfect faithful son
Is there some other thing that I can see
I'm caught in the legacy, I realize that I'm weak
A life of eternity is what You offer me

I've been a fool so many times
And I don't know why
But I broke the rules of life and life
How can I fly
Forgive me Lord
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I Want To Fly Lyrics

Ready For Monday – I Want To Fly Lyrics