Church On Fire
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
Out on the streets of Jerusalem
Something was going down
People were shouting and praising God
A crowd was gathered around
Peter started preaching
His words were clear and true
The power was strong and before too long
Everybody knew
This church is on fire
Burning with the power of God almighty
Serving Him and praising His name
Is our only desire
Go and tell your neighbor
All that God has done for you
Jesus said you are the light
And this Church is on fire
The fire that started long ago
Is burning bright today
It's spreading all around the world
Wherever people pray
The Church of God is moving
As long as there's a soul to tell
That Jesus is the Son of God
And Jesus is alive and well
I said this
I said this church
This church is
This church is on fire
1991 Shepherd Boy Musicascap (exclusively administered by Integrated Copyright Group, P. O. Box 24149, Nashville, tn 37202) and Sonworshippersascap. All rights reserved.
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Church On Fire Lyrics

Ray Boltz – Church On Fire Lyrics