Take Up Your Cross
Words by Steve Millikan, Jane Johanson and Ray Boltz, Music by Steve Millikan
Take up your cross
And follow Jesus
Take up your cross
Every day
Don't be ashamed
To say that you know Him
Count the cost
Then take up your cross
And follow Him
What are you doing for the King?
Have you given everything
For the one
Who gave His all for you?
Don't be satisfied just to know
That the Lord has saved your soul
Have you forgotten
What you need to do?
Chorus (repeat)
I said I know sometimes
That the road is long
And I know sometimes
You feel like you can't go on
But you just...
1991 Shepherd Boy Musicascap and Sonworshippersascap.
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Take Up Your Cross Lyrics

Ray Boltz – Take Up Your Cross Lyrics