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Throw Your Hands In The Air Lyrics

Raw Fusion – Throw Your Hands In The Air Lyrics

Me, Colin, Johnny and Moe
in my drop six-eight, the perv was on, and
I was spankin, a full tank and
feelin great, tape deck, Shabba Rank-in
Headin East on five-eight, the sun was shinin
Top down, I guess you could say we was excited
Cause John had the hook up
in Haywood, and I was ready to cook, but
the day was just startin
And in no time flat, it began to fall apart when
I looked into my rear view mirror
The bass was slammin, I guess I couldn't hear the
sirens, yeah it was po-po
And that's O.P.D., for those who don't know
We pulled over, to see what it was all about
He drew his gun and began to shout

Chorus: repeat 2X

"Throw your hands in the air!"
"Freeze, freeze, bout to" "pull this trigger" --> Slick Rick
"Throw your hands in the air!"
"Give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up, give it up"

I say, "Whoa -- don't get excited"
He said, "Shut up little nig-gha, you want to bite it?
Don't bother, there was a robbery
You look guilty, as far as I can see"
Strip searched, where's the drugs and the money?
Oh you caught me, but
I'm in the backseat handcuffed
But that's when another cop car rolled up
He said, "Yo -- you gotta let em slide
We caught the motherfuckers over on the Westside"
He said, "Oh," with a bitter frown
"That's cool, but I'll see ya round"
We jumped in the Mustang, police brutality's
an everyday thing, where I live
But it made me kind of hungry
But this certain, 7-11 it was the wrong scene
I reached for a chicken sandwich
My brother Colin said, "Damn!"
Cause the man at the front had a sawed-off
He shot once in the air, and then he called off


The answer, "Yes sir!"
He took all the money from the cash register
and gave it to the man with the six-pack
He turned to me and said, "YO, BLACK
Act like you didn't see it..."
... so be it!
Now that was too much to take, it's like I'm in
a Nell Carter sitcom, please, give me a break

Aiyyo, now check this out
We been through too much today
I mean it's like, yaknowhatI'msayin?
The po-lice, the uhh, yaknowhatI'msayin
This fool come into the store, aiy
being jacked ain't cool
I gots to get some trim

Now it's really been a rough day
We all agree, we want to see the chicks anyway
Mack Mo-E leanin back in the chair, he said
"Wake me up when we get there"
We smashed, ten minutes passed
We found the spot at the end of this to'-up block
We had our doubts
We left Moe in the car, to go check it out
Somethin about it didn't feel right
The girl that opened the door, she was real tight
I seen two more, and they was kinda cute
Sweet like Juicy Fruit
Once said, "Give your feet a rest
while we go in the back, comb our hair, and get dressed"
I heard a lot of clickin noises
And then I heard, "Almost ready boys"
Somethin was real suspicious
"Aiyyo John, what's up with these bah-bies?"
He said, "I just can't know, I just met em"
And then I heard "Get em!"
I looked up, a forty-five at my head
And guess what she said...

"Throw your hands in the air!"
it's jack time, but when I look back
I'm glad we let Mack Moe snore
We was gonna get it, but then he came through the front door
The girl aimed the gun, shot and missed
The kitten must have hurt her wrist
cause she dropped her gun, another pulled a switchblade
John attacked her, grabbed the knife and cracked her
Colin kicked the gun away
The others got scared, and tried to run away
I pick up the piece that was loaded with lead
and all excitement ceased when I said

Chorus 1/2

And we audi... youknowhatI'msayin?
We are D.O.A. audi... can't believe them bastards!
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