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Hang Time Lyrics

Raw Fusion – Hang Time Lyrics

[Money B]
Now what have I got here? An instrumental spot, yeah
Time for me to put some funky hip-hop there
Allow me to do the honors
You know the voice, but did you know the name was Ron or
M-O-N-E-Y dash, B so don't be alarmed
When you be hearin please oh please oh please
Money B, get loose, I never argue
I step up, with a whattup, whattup I'm on you
Are next, what you'd expect a strong rhyme
It goes like this, for a long time
Cause ticka time is money (money) and money is ticka time (time)
And Money gets money everytime, that I go for mine
Line after line, like a laser
I be what they call a leaper, for the ways I
Leap into the airwaves, sky with the rhyme flow
Droppin bombs on the others below
And while I'm climbin, they seem to get smaller than ants
And I'm hyped, cause I can see 'em dancin
And the few, standin 'round waitin
For me to come down, but I keep elevatin
Cause yo, I get up, and then continue to climb..
.. I got hang time

{*Dj Fuse*: "Money B, the freaky deaky", "just hangin.."
.. "like the brother's supposed to"} - 2X

[Money B]
Doowhutchalike, that's what my boy cold Shock'n said
And what I'd like to do, is cold clock the bread
.. And so I make it like a bakery
There's no takin me, so what you make of me?
You're just another perpetratin sucker that steals
While I was makin rhymes, you made crack deals
Thought it was funny you - said "Yo Money's through"
Heard it and hippidy-hopped on like a bunny do
Silly rabbit, kick the habit
Stop smokin, I'm from Oakland
And all that means is that I know where I'm from
And where I'm goin to, cause I'm a [?], see?
I'm kickin it out, better than nice, I'm naughty
Backstage I kiss my girl and my forty
I hear my name cause my people, support me
And those who don't know say, "Go shorty! Go shorty!"
Heads and arms, begin to swing and then
Just like Spike, I +Do the Right Thing+
I like pick a fly topic, to speak about
And then like Jordan on the court'n, I freak it out
I clock a score much higher than a nine point nine
.. I got hang time

{*Dj Fuse*: "Money B, the freaky deaky", "just hangin.."
.. "like the brother's supposed to"} - 2X

[Money B]
Not all about kickin it, but you know this
For kicks I'm takin my flicks in gangster poses
I'm doin this for the money, and I suppose it's
The way I kick my verbals that's why you all, chose this
Ace to be your number one I'm sharp as a knife
Short in stature yet the rep I get is larger than life
And I'm doin this for the Money, and not for my health
And you're correct if you suspect, I'm stuck on myself
I'm not tall, but when I play ball, I take - charge
Cause in this thing, I'm livin extra large
Cause I'm bodacious, I'm bodacious
You're likin the way that I'm sayin it twice
Cause my display is nice, so
Feel free about pressin rewind..
.. Uh-huh, I got hang time

{*Dj Fuse*: "Money B, the freaky deaky", "just hangin.."
.. "like the brother's supposed to"} - 2X

[Money B]
Time out, is over, the buzzer is soundin
I catch my breath, the mic is inbounded
I take posession, now I'm in control
So just keep on movin, like Soul ii Soul
As I, bring it up, stop, at the top of the key
The pressure's on, they're lookin at me
But it's the competition, that brings out the man in me
I play it cool cause my fans keep fannin me
A team of mc's standin there blockin the hoop
They try a double team, but I don't play that poop
My man Fuse, sets the pick, and I break
Another sucker steps, and so I give him the shake
I give the next one a dose, of the same old drug
As I dip through the hole, he tried to plug
And the last mc in my path, with seconds to go
Standin bout six ten and a half
I take flight, right over the great big punk
And throw down a Darryl Dawkins chocolate thunder dunk!
So next time, you wanna contest you climb
.. Punk, I got hang time {*"Yes, yes!"*} see-ya!

{*Fuse scratches to fade*}
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