I'm home for now, away from you
Traction's down to one loose screw
A motor mouth, and whiskey fueled,
I'll run around until I puke-

Welcome to reality, you're the hole in our society
Collect your thoughts on gravity, yeah
And throw your books away
Coming from a family of cultivist insanity
Digression from the enemy, yeah
To kill yourself today
Oh well

Choked and bound and feeling used
The lost and found's a drowning pool
A motive now for killing you
Seems like something I could do

Goodbye to morality, there's a flaw to my sobriety
Collaborate with tragedy, yeah
And throw the drinks my way
Driven from mentality of pessimist mortality
Diverge from any day, yeah
To put myself away

Oh well
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Oh Well Lyrics

Raw Dangle – Oh Well Lyrics