Modern man is there a plan to understand a certain standard you believe?
Lighting candles on demand with the hands that make the cancers and disease
Is He standing, staring, infinitely judging everything?
Are you feeling that the ending isn't something you had always thought would be?

Modern son shooting your gun, are you the one who really keeps us from our fate?
When said and done we're on the run, it's ten-on-one no matter where you throw the blade
Though it's troubling, it's not puzzling everyone will see a timing and a way
When it's coming and you're wondering if you could do something, it's too late

Eternally free from ever seeing anything
Yeah, permanently gone across the breeze
No way to retrieve...

Modern lady are you crazy thinking that He could have favored you at all?
Newborn baby dies the same week I think maybe you just missed the writing on the wall
Are you trembling, fearing, infinitely doubting it at all?
Didn't you know there's no hero? equals zero when you add the final score

There's nobody out there! no
There's nobody out there! no
There ain't nobody out there! there ain't nobody out there!
No, I think nobody's out there! There ain't nobody out there!
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Do You Believe? Lyrics

Raw Dangle – Do You Believe? Lyrics