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Remove Ya Lyrics

Ratking – Remove Ya Lyrics

Cop: "You Annotatewanna go to jail?"
Kid: "Well, for what, for what?"
Cop: "Shut your fuckin' mouth kid!"
Kid: "What am I getting arrested for?"
Cop: "For being a fucking mutt"

I'm a mutt, you a mutt, yeah we some mutts
Weeded up, but nah, we don't got no weed on us
DTS tried to scheme on us
We see the bluff, we see through it, we see you pigs, we see the cuffs
Porky pine, prickly but couldn't stick me this time
With a fine, that I'd fine, four months after that shit was signed
For a crime, commited, did it, bullshit quit it
It's a dime, I didn't hurt nobody, I didn't cross no line
Often times, minding my own, on my why home, train waiting, patient
With the weight of the world on my dome
Thinking about how I could change up the city and take up my throne
They break up my zone, chain up my arm, they take me, I'm gone

To the boys in blue, never really liked 'em, rubbed me rude
While I was cruising the nue, vibin' the view
Hear the whoop whoop whoop, "stop don't move"
Hands on the hood, you gave me that look, wearing ya hood
Like a crook, mutt no good
To the boys in blue, rabid rats rip pork to stew
Nork the new, yorks my yard, my lady too
Ya want ya two, fifty all numbers, whats new
Keep the heat off yourself, up ya rank, quota thats due
Bling for ya boo, suckin' kelly and bloom
Off in a room, for summons that loom, to the boys in blue

My city view's subdued by duded in uniforms of blue
Conforming to their or you will get turn in two
Remove ya'
I ain't no wise guy, but you're always looking at me crazy
Stop question and frisk me, frisk me cause I'm looking shady
Remove ya'
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