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Bug Fights Lyrics

Ratking – Bug Fights Lyrics

I got a fucking story to tell eh
They let the fire hydrants off to cool the block down
When we walk 'round
When the cops 'round
When our music plays
When it's hot out
I do and say what I wanna do, I feel like Hak now
Dropped out but still his thoughts popped out
Manifested ill could his pops talk now
No disrespect to Pascal it's only natural
Hak's a cash cow
Hak is assed out
Either way I got his back, proud to say that loud
Let me say that now

So it happened
Warm windy evening in Manhattan
Vulnerable vat of vets
Gathered started yapping
Frantically asking
But how we was the captains
When we fight headlines follow
We'll need to start scrappin'
Gents ride your role no stage to start actin'
All of a sudden you wanna pick up
Practice your passions
Toss your transactions
Tweak up your tracking
There's really no tail ending the tail of a Ratking
Besides wouldn't wanna disturb a nest of rodents basking
Blackout same sense that sent the city racking
Scurrying swift dodge in the dark dashing
Furry of hits in the lights strappin'
Not my news you was glued sprawled mackin'
Coolin' the shade caught up countin' your cashings
Affixed my your rings sufficed my your stackings
Should've been concerned with cut of your crafting
Angles, degrees, folds, creasings of your wrappings
Always had a crooked swipe, I was the student slacking
Said I didn't read enough books to bulge my backpacking
Guess I dropped out, hung a hat-trick without hacking
Wasn't fitted a cap 'n' gown but left the island laughing
Vibing, pulsing to my feet click clacking
Crumbling cobblestones over tar just tapping
I Lenox launch these lullabies to full your lacking

Don't wear your honor like armor
That shit'll weigh you down
Don't let what life taught you taunt you
Embrace it now
Wheter it's drawing, recording, whatever makes you proud

Let's not play around, amazing how you made it out
Amazing how you made it out
Let's not play around, amazing how you made it out
Amazing how you made it out
Let's not play around, amazing how you made it out
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