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How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia) Lyrics

Rasco – How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia) Lyrics

featuring Planet Asia

Verse 1:
Yo I be ready to plug all of these thug type scrubs
While y'all stack coins I stack nothin but dubs
While you be at the club tryin to step to hoes
I'll be around the globe tryin to rock the shows
However it goes I still maintain the spot
But battlin Ras you gettin blown off the lot
So wether or not y'all believe
I still roll up the sleeves
Then watch niggas fall like leaves
Breakin they breads
Got 'em headin back to the homerange
Now they tryin to summace they whole camp
My lambshade ready to fade
You better try to make a trade in the traff
To help your wack staff
Buried in the bath, my lyrics bubble and boil
It's Kut Masta Kurt, Ras ready to spoil
Now watch me uncall and bounce
You only add to an ounce
My pounds can cover ten miles of ground
The most profound you ever seen
So all that in-between shit
Don't really mean shit
The tighter the fit, the tighter it gets
We cuttin off the air
Sick of niggas with rhymes and no flair
But all that fanfair can leave your head swoll
Ras with the lyrics that's runnin outta control
There's only one goal I got
The shit's hot
And to the contrary we still rock the spot

Chorus x2:
Ras: Now how many times I got to drop these rhymes?
Planet Asia: And how many times you got to really outshine?
Ras: And how many times you goin cross these lines?
Planet Asia: Before you find out you dealin with the wrong kind?

Verse 2:
Over the top
The homegrown potent ass crop
That'll have your head swingin so fast it won't stop
I take a double shot o' the gat
So I can get the contact
Where these niggas findin they rhymes at?
I'm three times that
Bigger than y'all thought
Rasco, the nigga that's harder than asphault
Be in between the cracks
Like needles on the wax
Like Uncle Sam still be findin time to tax
My 7 point 5 be, live and in the flesh
With teflon bullets that sendin 'em in the chest
No need for stress
All really had enough
So bring on these niggas that think they bad enough
To give me, the Cali emcee, a hand full
At the same time, keepin these stadiumstands full
Rasco nigga you knows the program
Feelin on your girl while bumpin a slow jam

Chorus x2

Planet Asia:
9-8 to 2-thou
The new style
Y'all better learn somethin
SoulFather Rasco
For Man Time Waits Not
So keep the shit hot
Yeah, this be the Planet Asia signin out
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